Tri-City News article on Watershed Watch report “B.C. must keep watch on run-of-river”

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Tamed Rivers report coverPort Moody environmentalist Elaine Golds highlights key points from Watershed Watch’s latest report Tamed Rivers: A Guide to River Diversion Hydropower in British Columbia in her Tri-City News article B.C. must keep watch on run-of-river.

In her article, Golds states, “Coquitlam-based Watershed Watch Salmon Society of BC has released an excellent report, “Tamed Rivers: A Guide to River Diversion Hydropower in BC,” which documents a number of negative impacts associated with such projects.”  She goes on to highlight, “Initially, river diversion was typically only allowed upstream of areas used by ocean-migrating salmon, albeit in habitat used by trout. But a controversial power project approved this past spring on the Kokish River on Vancouver Island was within a stretch of the river used by ocean-migrating salmon.  There is an urgent need for more monitoring of the impacts of such projects on fish habitat. For example, there have been a number of instances where abrupt changes in flows led to stranding of fish or unreported accidents that caused a section of a stream to entirely dry up. And despite the evidence of dead fish, no fines have ever been levied.”

For more information see the full article as well as our Hydropower page.

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