Watershed Watch quoted in Globe and Mail article Austerity Measures Threaten to Sink Salmon Biologist Jobs

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The Globe and Mail article Austerity measures threaten to sink salmon biologist jobs reports on significant cuts being considered for Fisheries and Oceans staff.  The article states, “The cutbacks come as the federal public service struggles to implement the government’s deficit-fighting austerity program, which is forcing managers to rethink long-established programs in an attempt to do more with less. In the department of Fisheries and Oceans, employees have been told that “a national staffing process” – which will lead to staff reductions and office closings – will begin on Nov. 16 and is to be fully operational by January.”

Watershed Watch Executive Director, Craig Orr, said “the deep cuts to habitat protection in B.C. are dismaying because salmon stocks are in decline, and development is increasingly threatening the environment. For me, the reorg chart is a lot like moving around the deck chairs on the sinking fish habitat ship. Better appreciate our rivers and fish while you can.”

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