Watershed Watch Opinion Piece in Vancouver Sun: Sockeye success key to our spiritual health

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Sockeye swimmingIn the Vancouver Sun opinion piece Sockeye success key to our spiritual health, Watershed Watch executive director, Craig Orr, and editor and adviser, Pete Broomhall, state, “It’s past time to acknowledge that the individual and collective well-being of Homo sapiens —“happiness” if you wish — depends on economic, cultural, social and, yes, “spiritual” aspects hardwired to the health of the environment. Or to ecosystem services, to be more precise: the providing and filtering of water, regulating climate, protecting against floods, and so on.” They go on to say, “We know deep down that our future well-being is inextricably linked to the full suite of benefits that comes to us from healthy populations of wild salmon.”

They also discuss how the much anticipated final report from the Cohen Inquiry may prompt possitive change, or dissapointingly maintain the status quo. “Maybe the report will help people understand that human well-being is less about GDP than about sustaining renewable resources, and that extracting and exploiting resources as quickly as possible, and being otherwise heedless of the full value of the Earth’s ecosystem services are surefire ways to reduce our individual and collective well-being — no matter what defenders of the status quo claim. With its still-rich-though-now-fragile resources, and with enlightened resource management, Canada could still legitimately become the planet’s happiest country.”

For more information on the Cohen Inquiry see Watershed Watch’s report Cohen Inquiry Highlights. Also see our Cohen Report Tracker page for updates on the final report from Justice Cohen, now expected in late October.

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