Ecojustice blog post: Will clean energy be green? The Holmes Hydro Case

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Ecojustice staff lawyer, Karen Campbell, outlines key concerns over the Holmes Hydro project in the Ecojustice blog post Will clean energy be green? The Holmes Hydro Case.  Ecojustice is taking legal action on behalf of David Suzuki Foundation and Watershed Watch Salmon Society regarding the Holmes hydro power project.  Ecojustice is “seeking a judicial review of the province’s failure to conduct a formal environmental assessment on the Holmes hydro power project near McBride.”

Because none of the individual plants would generate more than 50 megawatts, no environmental assessment was ordered, however the 10 hydro plants will be linked and together will generate 85 megawatts – more than the 50 megawatt threshold for triggering an environmental assessment.

For more information on hydro issues see Watershed Watch’s Hydropower page.

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