Watershed Watch comments on sockeye outlook in Coquitlam NOW article

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Watershed Watch ecologist, Aaron Hill, comments on the shortage of returning sockeye salmon in the Coquitlam NOW article Outlook is grim for Fraser sockeye.  The article reports “With the prospect of yet another year without commercial sockeye fishing in the Fraser River, scientists, ecologists and First Nations members are openly wondering if the fishery will ever recover.”

Hill states, “From my understanding, it’s going to be a tough year for commercial fishermen,” he said. “It’s always a sad day when we can’t go out and catch salmon.”  He suggested “both the size of the commercial fleet, and the areas in which those boats are allowed to fish, are areas of concern.”

For more information on fisheries and sockeye see our Fisheries Management page.

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  1. Bob Waters says:

    In 2008 & 2012 no sockeye returned to the Adams R and the rest of the sockeye runs were very small we will lose the rest of the runs of sockeye in a few years unless changes are made. Change the way fish farms operate Take another look at the Cohen Report. Make use of the $26 Million what is so hard about that. Does the DFO want to delete salmon runs?

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