Watershed Watch comments on cull at two Atlantic salmon farms

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Watershed Watch Executive Director, Craig Orr, is quoted in the Vancouver Sun article Agency orders cull of Atlantic salmon at two farms.  The comments were made after two Atlantic salmon farms were ordered to cull their stocks after detection on infectious haemotopetic necrosis (IHN) was detected.  Although IHN is a disease that is native to the West Coast, Orr cautions that, “The public needs to be concerned that this isn’t just an issue about salmon farms but it’s about the health of wild stocks as well.”  This is because  mutation of viruses into more virulent strains is more common on fish farms than in the wild.  He goes on to state, “The nearshore marine environment is getting to be a much more hostile environment for wild fish, I can tell you that. And a lot of the problems are attributed to salmon farms.”

For more information on salmon farming see our Salmon Farming page.  Also see our recent Cohen Highlights Report which contains a substantial amount on information on salmon farming and disease issues discussed during testimony at the Cohen hearings.


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