Grant spurs Coquitlam River roundtable

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The Tri-City News article Grant spurs Coquitlam River roundtable reports a “new co-ordinator has been hired to steer the Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable, a multi-stakeholder effort to promote sustainable, healthy watersheds in the region.”

Watershed Watch is an active partner in the Coquitlam River roundtable and is contributing to the upcoming watershed cafe series thanks to support from the Bullitt Foundation.

The article goes on to report “Krista Englund will take on the part-time job after the Roundtable Core Committee secured $75,500 from a variety of funders. The funds will be used to develop Phase I of a watershed plan for the Lower Coquitlam River watershed and to launch a discussion series called Watershed Cafés. The funding partners are the Real Estate Foundation of BC ($40,000), Metro Vancouver ($20,000), Fisheries and Oceans Canada ($10,000), Watershed Watch Salmon Society/Bullitt Foundation ($5,000) and the Coquitlam Foundation ($500).”

For more information see the Coquitlam River roundtable’s website.

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