Watershed Watch comments on EcoLogo certification of run-of-river hydro

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In the Vancouver Sun article EcoLogo plans to get tougher on run-of-river projects, Watershed Watch Salmon Society ecologist, Aaron Hill, provides comment on EcoLogo certifications of run-of-river hydropower projects.  The article outlines how EcoLogo, “an organization criticized for being too lenient when handing out its EcoLogo certification to private run-of-river hydro projects in BC said Friday it is in the process of adopting new and more comprehensive standards for the fast-growing industry.”

Aaron Hill states, “We determined the EcoLogo certification is fairly meaningless in determining whether a project will actually have adverse ecological impacts.  It’s nothing special. It doesn’t mean that a particular hydro power project has gone to any greater lengths to ensure they’re ecologically sensitive than a project that would be approved anyways.”

For more information on run-of-river or river diversion hydropower, see our Hydropower page.


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