Watershed Watch comments on Kokish hydro project in Globe and Mail article

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The Globe and Mail article Company sought workers before Hydro project’s approval provides details on questioning over the “the process under which the federal government has approved a controversial hydroelectric project on northern Vancouver Island.”

“Notice that the Kokish River power project had been approved was posted on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency website late Wednesday – but that was a week after a construction company had already advertised in the Campbell River Mirror for workers to help build the facility.”

Watershed Watch Executive Director, Craig Orr, is quoted in the article stating, “The threat in the Kokish is you are really altering the flows in ways that we don’t fully understand.  There will be less water for the fish and it will be almost impossible to mitigate.”  He also explained how “fish biologists who have studied the river agree the diversion of water into a pipeline, to power generators, will harm salmon and steelhead habitat.”

For more information on concerns over the Kokish hydro project, see Watershed Watch’s update Watershed Watch signs on with more than 50 organizations to say ‘Keep the Kokish River wild.’

For more information on river diversion hydropower see Watershed Watch’s River Diversion/Run-of-River page.


One Response to Watershed Watch comments on Kokish hydro project in Globe and Mail article

  1. DavidK says:

    It is a sad fact that the Kokish river power project is casting a shadow on all the other legitimate green power projects in this province.

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