Watershed Watch Ecologist Discusses Fraser River Chinook on CBC Radio

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Watershed Watch Ecologist Aaron Hill discusses the decline of Fraser River chinook and the need for fishing restrictions and habitat protection, on CBC Radio’s On The Island with Gregor Craigie.

To listen to the full interview, click the following link: AaronHill-CBCinterview-FraserChinook-March26_2012


3 Responses to Watershed Watch Ecologist Discusses Fraser River Chinook on CBC Radio

  1. Jim Rosgen says:

    What is the correlation between the stocks that are in danger, and the presence of fish feedlots on the migration routes of these populations? If the healthy populations are migrating around the south end of Vancouver Island, then it becomes clear that one obvious danger to survival is the fish farms and the viruses they are spreading.

  2. Scott Baker-McGarva says:

    Good piece Aaron. It’s would certainly be helpful if DFO would actually apply more of the provisions of the wild salmon policy to protect these fish and others in BC

  3. Brian McKinlay says:

    Quite disturbing that Aaron Hill did not mention the scientifically proven reason why most Fraser river Chinooks are dwindling! ISA virus from all those salmon farms has been passed on to our wild chinooks. Testing and research shows that once a Chinook gets ISA it is game over and 50% of Chinook salmon tested on the inside passage are being infected!. DFO discovered this way back in 90’s and buried and muzzled the truth and at the same time started wildly promoting salmon farming and shoveling millions into this disfunctional industry that has only brought us wild salmon declines, a net loss of jobs and unimaginable environmental nightmares.

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