BC Living article: Lake Babine Nation Brings Sustainable Salmon to Vancouver Businesses

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BC Living highlights the revival of a sustainable salmon fishery by the Lake Babine Nation in the article Lake Babine Nation Brings Sustainable Salmon to Vancouver Businesses.

The article includes:

“This is such a great news story for the Lake Babine Nation,” says SkeenaWild Conservation Trust’s executive director Greg Knox.  “Not only are they bringing significant benefits to their communities, but they are showing the world that these fisheries are sustainable and economically viable. Their location and harvesting techniques allow these fisheries to intercept strong runs while allowing smaller, weaker populations to reach their spawning areas. They are some of the most sustainable salmon fisheries in the world.”

Donna Macintyre, Fisheries Director for the Lake Babine Nation and a Nation member, says, “These fisheries are very important to the Lake Babine people who suffer from high unemployment and poverty. Some of the participants live on less than $200 per month, so this income is a major boost to their ability to support themselves and their families. We are hoping to start using profits from our fisheries to build more infrastructure in our communities, which have struggled for a long time.”

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