Great article from BBC: Canadian government is ‘muzzling its scientists’

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BBC News reports that “Speakers at a major science meeting being held in Canada said communication of vital research on health and environment issues is being suppressed.”  The article goes on to say “The allegation of “muzzling” came up at a session of the AAAS meeting to discuss the impact of a media protocol introduced by the Conservative government shortly after it was elected in 2008.” and includes quotes from Professors Thomas Pederson and Andrew Weaver and journalists Binh An Vu Van and Margaret Munro.  See the full article Canadian government is ‘muzzling its scientists’ for more details.

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  1. Trevor says:

    You would think that our government’s at home and abroad would understand that micromanaging something as serious as this would, of course, create a certain lack of trust with’in our leaderships questionable policies. Climate documents, from the science community, should be givin priority,although if not for wanting of a hidden agenda, then we could at least give the public a chance to receive the data and assist in the government’s stategy to manage habitat’s while preventing an ever increasing chance of ecosystem’s collapsing becuase of the willfullness and manuvering tactic’s by officials, who are only sealing the fate of Canadian’s, soon to be,a failing enviroment. By not moving towards a collective way of thinking, it becomes clear that Canada has lost its unity and will under go a tougher adjustment period towards responsible caretaking and the stewardship of land and sea. This has been entrusted, so in turn we must set an example and do what was done for us, leaving the legacy in good standing to those who will follow in are footsteps. The kind of creative tactics the government is displaying will only create a need for more transparentcy of scientific data on upcoming climate events. As we refuse to allow truth, this will only underscore a troubled resource that is going to be needing more attention with a compounding purposal of the oil pipeline’s and then followed by tanker traffic that will be transiting along B.C’S pristine coastline. In my opinion, if all involved continue down this path of manipulating the enviroment while continuing to turn a blind eye, then we have truly gone past the 11th hour and thus the intended design won’t really matter after that, will it. For those of us who continue,one could only hope that becoming the new archetype’s, that they would ensure a policy that will bring stability, with no doubt and no mind, that are enviromental successes replace economic gain.I love my country, I also love the planet,this is a symbeotic relationship. It can’nt be any other way ;o/

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