Terrace Daily article explains why there will be no apology from those opposing the Enbridge pipeline

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Gerold Amos eloquently explains why non-profit organizations and First Nations opposing the Enbridge oil pipeline will not be issuing an apology for accepting support from US foundations, or anyone else willing to protect BC’s coastal environments.  Amos was “Chief Councilor for the Haisla First Nation for 12 years. He has been a leading voice for conservation in Canada for thirty years.”

In the article No apology forthcoming, he states “The Haisla have been fighting to protect this region from ill-conceived industrial developments for over thirty years, while at the same time showing leadership in developing projects that are safer and more sustainable, and that benefit all British Columbians. Our history in this regard is well known, be it our efforts to reform logging practices, pollution from industrial plants, or our successful efforts to protect the worlds largest remaining intact coastal temperate rainforest, the Kitlope Valley”

“We are not opposed to development. But we are opposed to stupidity and placing our homelands at terrible risk in order to satisfy the insatiable greed of the international oil industry. We do not accept the Prime Ministers claim that this project is in Canada’s national interest, and it is certainly not nation building, but rather, planet destroying. So, do not expect an apology any time soon for our willingness to accept assistance from U.S. Foundations, or anyone else of goodwill and principles. In fact, we will instead use this as an opportunity to thank them for stepping up to the plate and acting with charity, responsibility, integrity and generosity in this time of rapid and uncertain change in the world.”


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