Mixed Opinions About Minister Ashfield’s Recent Visit to Squamish

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Two recent letters to the editor of The Chief show very different opinions of Federal Fisheries Minister Ashfield’s recent attendance at a public meeting in Squamish.  The letter Canary in the coal mine? expresses concern over the health of salmon and eagle populations as well as the responses that Minister Ashfield provided to questions asked at this meeting.  The author emphasized that “We need our government to act now to protect the wild Pacific salmon, not just to decry their loss and carry on business as usual.”  The letter Feds are listening, on the other hand, provides insight into the Fisheries Rountable that was started by MP John Weston along with a number of concerned local citizens and groups and extends an invitation “for those who are concerned about local salmon to contact MP Weston and learn more about participating in our Fisheries Roundtable.”

Watershed Watch Salmon Society Fisheries Biologist, Stan Proboszcz, attended the recent Fisheries Roundtable meeting and raised concerns to Minister Ashfield about evidence revealed in the Cohen Inquiry around delayed WSP implementation, the ineffective no-net loss of habitat policy and disease risks posed by salmon farms.


One Response to Mixed Opinions About Minister Ashfield’s Recent Visit to Squamish

  1. Pascal says:

    What are we waiting for to take care of our wild population of salmon? Are we still using the economy as a reason for our decision. Yes, there might be lost of employment in the fish farm industry, but if we are waiting much longer jobs will be lost in the whole industry, which will affect more people at the end of the day. And what about the wildlife that depend on fish to complete their life cycle, you all know who they are. We sure need to take a step back and re-think our management practice if we want to move forward and still have something left for our future generation. Are our government oblivious of what is going on with our fisheries or they know the problem and prefers to close their eyes on the problems. Please wake-up!!!

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