Canadian Conservationists Challenge “Unsustainable” Alaskan Salmon Fisheries

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Three British Columbian conservation groups are taking aim at Alaskan salmon fisheries that are damaging BC fish stocks and violating conditions of the Marine Stewardship Council’s eco-certification.  Raincoast Conservation Foundation, SkeenaWild Conservation Trust, and Watershed Watch Salmon Society today said they would challenge the current recertification of these fisheries by the MSC – the world’s foremost eco-certification label for sustainable fisheries. The groups cite interception of Canadian-bound salmon and steelhead from at-risk populations as a key concern, along with “reckless” ocean-ranching practices – a form of fish farming not practiced in BC.

See the full media release Canadian Conservationists Challenge “Unsustainable” Alaskan Salmon Fisheries for more details.

One Response to Canadian Conservationists Challenge “Unsustainable” Alaskan Salmon Fisheries

  1. Royce Seidlitz says:

    Hello,past politics prove that real conservation will never happen till it’s too late..Then we will be left with less and less salmon returns, till stocks disapear
    just wait because too many greedy people not enough fish. thanks

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