Watershed Watch Finishes 2011 With Strong Words and Advice for Canada’s Government

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Watershed Watch Executive Director, Craig Orr, and Fisheries Biologist, Stan Proboszcz, summarize some of the evidence revealed through the Cohen Inquiry and how it points to a regime that is in “need of a major overhaul” in the Vancouver Sun article Fraser Sockeye being hung out to dry by politicians.

The article points out that “Sockeye face a tough existence, and unless things change, their future – and ours – will be far less rich.”  In relation to recent evidence revealing that the infectious salmon anemia virus has been in BC for some time, the article highlights “Governments’ reaction to the news – and to leaks that they had known of a possible virus for nearly a decade – prompts one to fear that wild salmon ranked disturbingly low on their list of priorities.”

“At the core of the Cohen inquiry is the integrity of government in protecting both wild salmon and the public interest…. The inquiry itself, especially the report due in June, can help lay a much-needed blueprint for positive change.  But it will mean government embracing, not ignoring, the outcome. More transparency. Resolving conflicting mandates. Depoliticizing science. Less kowtowing to industrial interests. More fisheries management and independent science capacity. Favouring long-term planning over narrow short-term interests. Promoting land-based farming. Less robbing of the future. Honouring the wild salmon policy.”

For more details on the Cohen Inquiry see Watershed Watch’s Salmon Leaks series and the Cohen Aquaculture Daily.

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