New Report from University of Victoria Researchers: How Green is Your Eco-Label?

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The new report How Green is Your Eco-Label? is the “first study to evaluate how eco-labels for farmed marine fish compare to unlabeled options in the marketplace,” and is designed to “help seafood buyers sort through competing sustainability claims and better identify those labels that result in farming methods with less damage to the ocean.”  Completed by researchers from the University of Victoria and supported by the PEW Foundation, key findings of the report include:

  • “Organic” labels lead the pack, although a few fall noticeably short;
  • Many eco-labels are not much better than conventional farmed seafood options when it comes to protecting the ocean environment;
  • Scale is a big challenge for eco-labels: For the most part, eco-labels are awarded based on an individual farm’s environmental footprint. However, the cumulative environmental effects of many farms can quickly overwhelm the benefits of reductions in impacts by a single farm or small group of certified farms.


For more information, see the media release New Study Puts Eco-Labels to the Test.  The full report can be downloaded from the Aquaculture Standards Benchmarking Initiative website.


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