Tell Us Why You Love Wild Salmon for a Chance to Win!

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Sockeye swimmingWild salmon are truly awesome creatures that play an integral role in ecosystems, culture, and our own personal stories.  We regularly hear from our supporters how important they feel salmon are, whether it’s memories of fishing with their Dad, the first time they got to see the Adams River sockeye run, the life and challenges of a commercial fisher, or just a general love of nature and the knowledge of how salmon contribute to the ecosystem as a whole.  But, we’d like to hear even more!


Patagonia BackpackSign up for our e-newsletter and tell us why you love wild salmon by November 15th and you’ll be entered into a draw to win a Patagonia Stormfront Pack (retail price $279).  Complete our online sign-up form or send us your name, contact info and reason why you love wild salmon by e-mail.

Watershed Watch has been watching out for BC’s wild salmon since 1998.  We appreciate your support and your contact information will not be shared.


2 Responses to Tell Us Why You Love Wild Salmon for a Chance to Win!

  1. Bailey Wilson says:

    I love wild salmon and support it in every way possible.. especially by NOT buying or eating farmed crap !!!! :))

  2. Jen says:

    I love BC wild salmon because of the taste, the quality and sustainability. We don’t buy any salmon unless it is wild!

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