Conservation Coalition of Cohen Inquiry Issues Media Release: Salmon Inquiry shows need for government overhaul

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Watershed Watch joined with other members of the Cohen Inquiry Conservation Coalition to issue the media release Salmon Inquiry shows need for government overhaul – Conservation groups say focus must be salmon, not industry.

The release was issued following the submission of the Coalition’s recommendations to the Cohen Commission of Inquiry into the Decline of Sockeye Salmon in the Fraser River.  Active throughout the inquiry and represented by Ecojustice, the Coalition “includes the David Suzuki Foundation, Watershed Watch Salmon Society, Georgia Strait Alliance, Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform, Fraser Riverkeeper, Raincoast Conservation Foundation, and Otto Langer. After more than a year of oral hearings, technical and policy reports, and close to 2,000 exhibits, the inquiry is now reaching the last phase of drafting a final report with recommendations to the federal government.”

The release includes the statement by Watershed Watch Fisheries Biologist, Stan Proboszcz: “Even before the inquiry started, scientific evidence left no doubt that open net-cage salmon farms have negative effects on wild salmon populations. The inquiry revealed a substantial body of new evidence demonstrating the huge risk of catastrophic disease and parasite outbreaks that open net-cage salmon farms impart on Fraser sockeye and the need to immediately remove them from migration routes.”

For more information on Watershed Watch’s role in the Cohen Inquiry, see our Salmon Leaks series and the Cohen Aquaculture Daily.


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