Keeping tabs on salmon fisheries – the good news stories as well as the disappointments

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As we enter the dog days of summer, wild Pacific salmon are returning to rivers and streams all over BC’s coast to spawn in their natal waters. We’re seeing some good news stories, including increased returns for some depleted sockeye salmon populations, but also some disappointments, like lower than predicted returns of pink salmon to the Skeena River, and unsustainable fishing practices.

Watershed Watch has been working with other conservation groups to keep tabs on salmon fisheries this summer, raising concerns over staggering numbers of chum salmon being discarded from fisheries targeting pink salmon on BC’s north coast.  Only a few weeks ago these same fisheries were certified as “sustainable” by the UK-based Marine Stewardship Council, bringing 44 conditions for improved management that must be met over the next 5 years. We will be watching closely to ensure these important conditions are met so that BC’s salmon fisheries may one day be truly “sustainable”.

For more information see our media release and backgrounder BC conservationists blast federal government for irresponsible salmon fisheries produced with SkeenaWild Conservation Trust and Raincoast Conservation Foundation, as well as the Globe and Mail article Rushed fishermen throwing dead chum salmon overboard, groups charge.

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