Watershed Watch Puts Concerns on Record Regarding Diverting Water from Anadromous Fish Habitat for Hydropower

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In a letter to Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Watershed Watch Salmon Society details concerns over diverting water for river diversion (also known as run-of-river) hydroelectric projects in rivers and streams hosting anadromous populations of salmon.  The most recent cause for concern is the Kokish River, and Watershed Watch is requesting that “DFO show leadership by denying HADD authorizations for this and other projects that damage wild salmon habitat.”

Watershed Watch has also raised these concerns directly with Clean Energy BC, the Province, and BC Hydro, and will continue to do so. While there is a place for clean energy development, it shouldn’t occur at the expense of wild salmon that have existed in our streams and rivers for millennia.

For details, see the full letter Kokish River and DFO’s approval of diverting water from anadromous fish habitat.

For more information on river diversion hydopower see Watershed Watch’s Hydropower page and our report Recommendations for Responsible Clean Electricity Development in British Columbia.


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