Watershed Watch joins with BC conservation groups to offer conditional support for MSC certification of B.C. pink salmon fisheries

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Watershed Watch joins with SkeenaWild Conservation Trust, Raincoast Conservation and the David Suzuki Foundation to offer conditional support to the Marine Stewardship Council’s recent certification of BC’s pink salmon fisheries.  The four conservation groups want assurance that 44 conditions will be met and implemented within the time frames required by the certification.

The international Marine Stewardship Council is announcing its certification of the B.C. pink salmon fisheries this week. The announcement comes after lengthy efforts by conservation groups, industry and government to agree on improvements that will lead to sustainable fishing of pink salmon. These improvements are designed to bring the fishery into compliance with MSC’s criteria within five years.

Watershed Watch Ecologist Aaron Hill states that “Getting to this stage has required extensive investment of time and money by industry, government and our organizations.  The willingness industry has shown to address problems within the fishery has been an important factor in our support.”

Full Release PDF:  Conservation groups offer conditional support for MSC certification of BC pink fisheries


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