Watershed Watch Discusses Salmon and the WSP in Sobeys’ New Video Series

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Watershed Watch Executive Director, Craig Orr, was interviewed for Sobeys’ Wild British Columbia Salmon video series.  Craig joins others to discuss the importance of salmon to British Columbians, threats facing salmon, fully implementing the Wild Salmon Policy and current management challenges.  This initiative by Sobeys demonstrates a progressive trend among retailers to ensuring their seafood is sourced from sustainable fisheries.

Part 1: A New Perspective on Sustainably Managing Wild British Columbia Salmon


Part 2: Sustainably Managing Wild British Columbia Salmon: Like “Portfolio Analysis


Part 3: The Path Forward: The Canadian Wild Salmon Policy


Part 4: Challenges Implementing the Canadian Wild Salmon Policy


Part 5: Sustainability for Fishermen Means Economic Sustainability Too; Traceability as the New Frontier


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