Watershed Watch Comments on Unpaid Fines in Globe and Mail

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Watershed Watch Ecologist, Aaron Hill, comments on unpaid fishing fines in the Globe and Mail article DFO admits more than $1-million in fines have gone unpaid in BC.

Aaron states “This really casts doubt on the functions of DFO. They have a clear mandate to enforce the Fisheries Act and fish regulations.  DFO’s lack of enforcement muscle not only puts fish habitat at risk, the unpaid fines mean money that could be used for habitat restoration and stewardship programs is not being spent.  What’s ironic, is that the federal government touts law enforcement, while in one of its own departments law enforcement has taken a back seat. The public certainly has every right to be outraged.”

This information on unpaid fines came to light through the Cohen Commission of Inquiry into the Decline of Fraser Sockeye in the Fraser River.  For more information on key information from the Cohen Inquiry hearings, Watershed Watch has developed Salmon Leaks.  This series of posts provides highlights of the transcripts, exhibits and key quotes from witnesses for each of the issues examined by the Inquiry to date.  Check back often to keep up to date on the latest information.


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