Sockeye continue to make headlines

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Sockeye salmon and the Cohen Inquiry continue to be big news items this week.  The Scientific American article Upstream Battle: What Is Killing Off the Fraser River’s Sockeye Salmon? states that “a mystery pathogen acting in concert with human-induced stressors may be the culprits.”

The issue of disease, the potential impact on sockeye, and how the Cohen Inquiry is addressing this issue was also discussed in the following articles:


Another Globe and Mail article No data means no answers, sockeye inquiry told highlights the lack of information on what really happens to salmon once they leave freshwater and enter the Pacific Ocean and how this information gap increases the difficulty of determining the cause of the sockeye decline.

For more information from the Cohen Inquiry, see Watershed Watch’s Salmon Leaks—highlights of key evidence and testimony from the hearings into the decline of sockeye salmon in the Fraser River.


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