Petition Calling for “Organic” Farmed Salmon to Meet Organic Standards

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The Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform has initiated the online petition “Organic” Farmed Salmon Must Meet Organic Standards. Sign the petition and make sure your voice is heard on the proposed “organic” standard! The following is an overview of the issue from the online petition:

“We expect the organic label to mean the food we’re buying is produced in a way that is better for the environment and our health. But right now, the Canadian General Standards Board has proposed organic aquaculture standards that would certify aquaculture practices that are already harming our oceans.

Draft two of the standard is now being considered for Canadian regulation and is open to a FINAL public comment period. This is your last chance to have your say count.

New standards should adhere to the same set of organic principles in current organic standards. Unfortunately this is not the case with

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the proposed organic aquaculture standard.

The proposed organic standards for farmed fish allow the use of antibiotics, synthetic parasiticides, up to 100% non-organic and potentially unsustainable wild fish feed and net-cages which scientific evidence has linked to negatively harming wild salmon and marine ecosystems.

Organic aquaculture standards should adhere to the same set of principles as standards for other organically certified food product. Unfortunately this is not the case with the proposed organic aquaculture standard.

The public comment period is open until May 31, 2011 and we are urging residents of Canada and consumers in the United States to take action and oppose the organic certification of net-cage salmon farms. The US remains the largest market for Canadian farmed salmon and until US organic aquaculture standards are passed into regulation, Canadian “organic” salmon could be sold on American shelves and menus.

Note: We will add this formal comment submission as an addendum to this petition.

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One Response to Petition Calling for “Organic” Farmed Salmon to Meet Organic Standards

  1. Susan Bailey says:

    Please let ‘organically grown’ mean ‘organically grown’. At the moment every producer has to meet each and every one of the very strict guidelines, please don’t bend the rules !
    Some people have medical reasons to eat organically grown food, and need to know they can trust the present food industry definition to mean what it says. Others choose organic to be certain of NO harm to the environment. People are happy to pay the premium when the label can be trusted as Totally and Entirely Organic throughout every stage of production. It would undermine the labelling system for everyone else.

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