“The New Energy” – TEDx Georgia Strait

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In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx Georgia Strait presented a locally organized event: “The New Energy” to look at many of the amazing efforts currently being undertaken to mitigate and educate people on the costs of society’s insatiable fossil fuel dependence and to promote the topic of energy in a positive way. Speakers included George Hoberg, David Wilkinson and Frank Wolfe.

Filmmaker and Environmentalist Damien Gillis presented “Beyond the Techno-fix” arguing that our considerable energy challenges cannot be met by just alternative sources and increased efficiency. Damien used the Bute Inlet Flyover developed for Watershed Watch by Dave Leversee to demonstrate the ecological trade-offs of one type of so-called “clean-tech” energy in BC – “run-of-river” private power – arguing that we should be putting conservation first.


Merran Smith, Director of the Tides Canada Energy Initiative also discussed the need to shift towards an alternative

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energy system and our “New Energy Future”


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