Our Work, Our Donors

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Watershed Watch relies on many donors to help support its work. And it has never been busier, recently prompting us to hire two part-time aquatic ecologists just to keep up. Donors come from all walks of life, and many donate products and creations that help the cause. Fly tier extraordinaire Dan Lougheed recently passed along a superb collection of flies that—along with a Buck’s Bag pontoon boat generously supplied by Redl Sports—will be auctioned off at the April 30th auction of the Kingfisher’s Rod and Gun Club. The Kingfishers have been important supporters of Watershed Watch, regularly donating, and also helping us by turning donations into cash at their fun and well-attended annual fundraiser. Cigar Connoisseurs located at 346 Water Street in Gastown will also kick in for conservation with a gift the cigar connoisseur or occasional aficionado won’t want to miss bidding on. Thanks to all who contribute to the conservation efforts of Watershed Watch (see Funders for a full list of our supporters). We can’t do it without you.

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