Courier-Islander article: First closed-containment fish have been put in project tank

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The Courier-Islander article First closed-containment fish have been put in project tank announces that the first 50,000 Chinook salmon smolts are now in the water at the Middle Bay Sustainable Aquaculture Initiative (MBSAI) closed-containment project. This begins an 18 to 20-month experiment to raise the Pacific salmon in a closed containment system until they are about four kilograms in size.

Closed containment and other aquaculture issues are also discussed in the Globe and Mail article Environmentalists skeptical of Loblaw’s boost for salmon farming. In the article, Jay Ritchlin of the David Suzuki Foundation discusses why integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) systems still have suffer from many of the same flaws as conventional salmon farming since they still raise salmon in open net pens.

For more information on salmon farming see Watershed Watch’s Salmon Farming page.

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