New video: Building the Future of Salmon Farming…in 90 Seconds

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A new video by filmmaker Damien Gillis, Building the Future of Salmon Farming…in 90 Seconds, shows the exciting construction of Agrimarine’s closed containment salmon farm near Campbell River.  The Common Sense Canadian website, where the video is hosted, explains “On January 14, 2011, Agrimarine Holdings Inc. completed primary construction and installation of the world’s first marine closed-containment salmon farm (it has several freshwater-based tanks already in operation in China) at Middle Bay, near Campbell River. The event was the culmination of years of research to develop a more sustainable form of salmon aquaculture that – unlike the open net pen farms that dot BC’s coast – doesn’t dump its waste into the marine environment, and will minimize the transfer of parasites and pathogens between farmed and wild fish. Damien Gillis has been documenting the construction for Agrimarine and here condenses a two-week process into this 90 second time-lapse video.”

For more information on salmon farming, see Watershed Watch’s Salmon Farming and Closed Containment pages.


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