Watershed Watch media release: New study confirms – BC salmon farms amplify sea lice; controlling lice challenging

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Dr. Martin Krkosek and Watershed Watch Salmon Society, a member of the Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform, issued the media release New study confirms: BC salmon farms amplify sea lice; controlling lice challenging. This announces a new paper published this week in the on-line journal, Aquaculture Environment Interactions, that confirms that farmed salmon can significantly amplify sea lice in coastal waters of BC, and that controlling lice outbreaks presents substantial challenges to industry, regulators, and salmon conservationists.

For more information see the media release above or the full paper Dynamics of outbreak and control of salmon lice on two salmon farms in the Broughton Archipelago, British Columbia. For more information on salmon farming and sea lice, see Watershed Watch’s Salmon Farming page.

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