Judge Cohen issues ruling ordering the release of salmon farm data

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Supreme Court Justice Bruce Cohen, as part of the Inquiry into the Decline of Fraser River Sockeye has issued a ruling ordering the BC Salmon Farmers’ Association to submit documents on fish health, disease, stocking and mortality for 120 farms, for the past 10 years, by January 21, 2011.

In the media release Conservationists commend sockeye inquiry judge for ordering the release of salmon farm disease, sea lice and stocking data, issued on behalf of the Conservation Coalition for the Cohen Inquiry, Watershed Watch’s Stan Proboszcz states “We are pleased that Justice Cohen recognizes the importance of these data in the fulfillment of the Inquiry’s mandate and is taking steps to hold to account this incredibly secretive industry.”

For more information, see the full ruling and media stories below:


One Response to Judge Cohen issues ruling ordering the release of salmon farm data

  1. Bob Waters says:

    To deliberately drive wild salmon into the endangered species list is a crime a against the environment. The misuse of public funds the $26 million of tax payers money and not used to try to fix the problem is a waste of our money if one person did that he would have a fine or end in jail. If the government does is that ok?

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