Staff & Board

Dr. Craig Orr, Executive Director

Craig Orr has been a professional ecologist for more than 30 years and helps Watershed Watch in its efforts to conserve water and salmon habitat, and to minimize impacts to wild salmon from mixed-stock interception fisheries, unsustainable aquaculture practices, and climate change.

Craig also currently serves as Chair of the Pacific Marine Conservation Caucus, and as an environmental advisor to Kwikwetlem First Nation. He recently served as Associate Director of Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Coastal Studies, Science Coordinator of the Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform, Chair of BC Hydro’s Bridge Coastal Restoration Program, Vice-Chair of the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund, a member of the Vancouver Foundation’s environment committee, and as a director of the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society.

Craig’s recent focus on water has centred on water use planning at BC Hydro dams, groundwater and salmon interactions, and the sustainability of run-of-river hydropower. Craig holds postgraduate degrees in wildlife ecology (M.Sc., Acadia University) and behavioural ecology (Ph.D., Simon Fraser University), and continues to work with Simon Fraser on delivering the Speaking for the Salmon workshop series.


Aaron Hill, Incoming Executive Director

Aaron Hill is an ecologist specializing in freshwater and coastal ecosystems, with an emphasis on salmon habitat and fisheries. He has worked as an observer and fisheries technician on recreational and commercial fisheries and as a graduate researcher on the Salmonid Rivers Observatory Network research program in BC. Aaron’s current project areas include Wild Salmon Policy implementation and ecological sustainability of energy development in BC.


Trish Hall, Acting Operations Director

Trish Hall is an experienced conservationist with a B.Sc. in Biological Oceanography and a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Environmental Science. Before joining Watershed Watch, Trish worked at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre as Marine Science Assistant, and for Fisheries and Oceans Canada, on projects involving salmon, marine protected areas, rockfish conservation, and public education.


Stan Proboszcz, Fisheries Biologist

Stan Proboszcz has a B.Sc. in Zoology, a Post-grad Certificate in Ecosystem Restoration, and a M.Sc. in Fisheries Biology. He has a broad foundation of experience gained through conducting research in a wide variety of ecosystems in Canada and the USA, focusing on the effects of habitat alteration on fish communities, in-stream habitat restoration techniques and the effects of sea lice on wild salmon. Currently he’s working on projects regarding the negative impacts of salmon aquaculture, the Fraser Sockeye Inquiry and freshwater protection.


Jace Haramati, Administrative Coordinator

Jace Haramati has always been dedicated to emphasizing the importance of conservation, activism, and community, and is excited to be part of a team that has spent so long promoting the same values.  Jace has extensive administration skills from previous work in the world of real estate management, as well as a background in non-profit management including her work with Hope Brigade Days Society and other event boards, community “celebration committees,” dinner/dances, and charity auctions.


Lina Azeez

Lina Azeez, Engagement Organizer

Lina Azeez holds a B.A in Geography and a M.A in Sustainable Natural Resource Management. She has worked extensively in the lower mainland on protecting fresh water resources for all users – human and non-human – including riparian restoration in species at risk habitats. Lina recognizes the importance of engaging local communities in these issues and has with stewardship groups in Surrey, Langley and Abbotsford to improve water and habitat quality. As Watershed Watch’s Engagement Organizer, Lina is working on our Fraser Voice initiative to understand citizen perceptions and to engage people in the Fraser River watershed on issues that affect salmon and salmon habitat. Lina is an avid traveller, most recently spending a year in Costa Rica studying how communities engage with their environment. She enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, biking and boating and uses these activities to better learn about her Fraser Valley backyard.

Tanis Gower, Consultant

Tanis Gower is an ecologist and restoration specialist who has worked with Watershed Watch on a number of projects including a review of British Columbia’s groundwater policies and management relative to the health of wild salmon, a report explaining the nature and operation of independent power producer projects, and the development of an educational brochure on Fraser River sockeye salmon.

Andrew Rosenberger, Consultant

Andrew completed his B.Sc. in Marine Biology at the University of Guelph and since then has worked on marine issues on the Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific coasts of Canada. He has worked on projects encompassing aspects of fish and invertebrate physiology of Atlantic and Arctic species, Atlantic humpback and killer whales management, biological oceanography, and most recently has done work with Raincoast Conservation Foundation related to salmon fisheries management and environmental review processes. Andrew’s current focus with Watershed Watch is the completion of an expert report examining the various impacts of hydropower development and operations in BC, with special emphasis on Run-of-River and IPPs.

Peter Broomhall, Editor and Past-Chair

Peter Broomhall is a retired instructor of English literature and former Vancouver Sun outdoors writer with nearly 30 years’ experience in salmon conservation issues in B.C., 25 of those as a director of the Steelhead Society. He assists in Watershed Watch’s writing, editing and analysis.

Vicky Husband, Senior Advisor

Vicky Husband, noted environmentalist and recipient of the Order of Canada, is a seasoned advocate for sustainable fisheries, and a senior advisor to Watershed Watch. Vicky has given more than 30 years to conservation issues in BC, including protecting critical wildlife and fish habitats and ancient temperate forests, including South Moresby/Gwaii Haanas, Khutzeymateen, Clayoquot Sound, Carmanah, Tsitika/Robson Bight, the Tahsish watershed, and the Great Bear Rainforest. Vicky’s focus has recently shifted to marine issues, mainly sustainable fisheries (both wild salmon and groundfish), and the protection of the marine environment. A resident and native of Victoria, Vicky is also active in her home community of the Highlands on land use issues.

Board of Directors

Wayne Halabourda, Chair

Wayne Halabourda, a high school shop teacher, is an avid angler, runner and outdoor enthusiast who has served as a volunteer for more than 12 years with the Seymour Salmonid Society.

Sherry Loof, Treasurer

Sherry Loof is a keen nature enthusiast and volunteer, and until recently worked as a financial officer with a major Canadian bank. She has served as Watershed Watch’s treasurer for more than six years.

Preet Pall, Director

Preet Pall is an experienced sales and marketing professional with over 12 years of experience in the insurance industry and has previously worked for London Life, The Mutual Group, Blue Cross, and RBC Insurance. She also enjoys the outdoors and loves to travel.

Rich Ronyecz, Director

Rich Ronyecz was born and raised on Vancouver Island, and enjoys all outdoor activities – including the passionate pursuit of salt and freshwater fish. As a pharmacist, he seeks to be informed, especially on subjects affecting our watersheds and health.